This is the post excerpt.


Uninvited they come In compulsive black waves Closing in on you, edging you to the brink. Again, and again, and again Circling like birds of prey Perching on the edge of your mind Tearing on the putrid flesh, Gnawing on the naked bones, They leave you to rot To be bleached by the searing sun


Vultures in my living room . . . Famished, suavely ruthless They tear flesh off bones, Circle,stalk, before they swoop. They wait with bated breath For a loss, a soul-searing cry. Drooling, they pounce, Right for the entrails, the gluttons. Eager ears tuned in for foul intent, Thirsty beaks scouring for sordid crumbs Predator-eyes zooming […]

Retirement Blues

Staring at empty spaces Time to¬† empty your closets To gift-wrap unravelled knots. The rapture of catching up on rainbows But soon the euphoria of the void evaporates Time hangs heavy… Is it back to the grind? The backbiting and the strain…? The shackles of mediocrity? Or. . . to let in the wind and […]